So Happy That Cousins Will Be Connecting Today

You may recall my my blog posts Thankful Thursday: Thank Goodness I Began My Blog --Part oneThank Goodness I Began My Blog --Part two, and Thank Goodness I Began My Blog --Part three. If you missed this series click on the links above to read. Those posts will provide the background on why I am so excited today.

Today, my mother and her first cousin Rudi are going to speak via Skype for the first time. This will be my first time speaking to him on Skype. We had spoken over the phone previously but I just can't wait to see him. You know I will be analyzing his face and every expression to see if I can catch a glimpse of any of my grandfather's mannerisms. My maternal grandfather, Lemuel Harrison, and Rudi's father, Rudolph Henry Harrison, were brothers.

I can't get over how amazingly blessed we all are to live in a time when this is possible.

Feeling happy!


  1. This is really a great day!!! So happy for you and your family to connect more personally. You can record and snapshot I think their face on Skype.

    1. Thanks Yvette :) I will remember the snapshot thing for next time.

  2. Awesome! Enjoy this very special event -you have logged an inspirational journey for us all!!

    1. Hi Billy. Thanks a bunch. I am glad I've been able to help. It certainly has been an amazing journey so far. Be well.


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