Life Is A Carousel, Enjoy The Ride!

I had a great time with the family at a local park today. We watched one of the cycling races of the Chris Thater Memorial. The Chris Thater Memorial is a series of races held each year in August in honor of cyclist Chris Thater who was killed by a drunk driver. The race course follows a route around a beautiful Binghamton west-side park called Recreation Park. Recreation Park is near and dear to my heart because that is where my husband and I were married in March 2005. Here's a link to our wedding day photos Wedding Wednesday: My Wedding March 30, 2005

Of the many features of the park, is a beautiful antique carousel that was created by Allan Herschell Companies of North Tonowanda, NY.  It's a given with my kids that if the carousel is open, we're riding it. So today we rode our gallant horses to the sounds of the Wurlitzer Band Organ and tossed our cares to the wind.

Life is a carousel.
Everyone has his or her turn.
There are ups and there are downs
but no matter what the carousel keeps spinning.

Hold on tight or you may fall.
Enjoy the music and the views.
Take in the glow of the shining lights.
It all goes by way too fast.
So be present with what you see in each sight.
Life is a carousel.
Hope you enjoy the ride!

And remember...


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