Mappy Monday: Now I Know Where To Go!

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Okay, I am going to have to save up my pennies and plan another trip to New Bern and Morehead City. The reason why is, now I know where the family land was located in Riverdale, NC. Riverdale is a little town located approximately 9 miles south of New Bern and was where my Mitchell and Sampson family lines once lived. I had plotted out a guesstimate of where I thought the property may have been in a prior post called Mappy Monday: So where was Mortimer Mitchell's land.

It turns out my guesstimate wasn't too bad. I was online a couple weeks ago looking up info on the Craven County Register of Deeds website when I had found the deed regarding the property my grandmother, Mary Horton, and her siblings had sold in 1998. While reviewing the deed, I found a section that mentioned a survey map that had been created by Atlantic Survey & Design.

Survey info listed on the 1998 deed

I called the Craven County Register of Deeds office and asked someone there about the survey map "recorded in Plat Cabinet G at Slide 54-H of the Craven County Registry" if it could be viewed online or if I would need to request a photocopy. It wasn't available online but for the cost of $2.00 and a self addressed envelope they would be able to send me a copy.

And so here's that copy:

Now in the deed for my 3rd great grandfather's property he purchased back in 1878, there is a reference to both Great Branch and Meeting House Branch. Here is a section of that deed.

land situate in the ______and bounded and described as follows lying in the north west side of the Meeting house branch beginning where the Main Road crosses said branch thence down the branch to the great branch and with the great branch to the said Vine A Tolsons Corner to a marked bay. Thence the said Tolsons live to the Main Road thence with said to the beginning. In the above tract of land there six acres to be excepted for the use of the church and school house the remainder the said part of the second parties.

At last, I now know the Meeting House Branch was also referring to a stream or waterway just like the Great Branch. Previously, I had figured out that Great Branch was a stream when I pulled up a terrain map on Google Maps.

Image courtesy of Google Maps
Family property highlighted in blue..

Here's a view of the property courtesy of Google:

At some point, I will have to take a drive down Tebo Rd :)


  1. Good investigative work! Wish I could find a plat for our family lands...alas, there are none. I've checked.

  2. That is a lot of good detective work Andrea.....

  3. I'm impressed! I haven't gotten into land stuff too much but know that I need to. Start filling that piggy bank :-)

  4. Thanks Claudia, Patrick, and Debi! Yes Debi, I will be working on that piggy bank :)


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