Making A Time and Space For The Words To Come

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Okay, this is something that crept into my head while I was making my kids lunches the other day.

Make a time and space for the words to come.
Don't want the words scampering
 towards me like scared little children.
They need an environment of calm.
A sanctuary of peace.
A space that is trusted.
And time devoted solely to them.

I haven't been doing this lately. I've been trying to squeeze in a moment here, a second there. I haven't felt good about it either. I have to schedule writing time in from this point forward. No more excuses! 


  1. Andrea, what a thoughtful way to put it--that relationship we have with words. Love it. A schedule grants legitimacy, says you value something. I see it as a challenge, too--can it really be done on a regular basis? I think of all the other things I manage to do on a daily basis. For me, writing needs to be part of that daily routine. The words will be there if we commit to the meeting.

    1. Amen to that, "The words will be there if we commit to the meeting." I like that!


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