Not So Wordless Wednesday: What's Been Going On With Me Lately

I've been taking a break from researching my Goodrich family branch the last two days to review a copy of a cemetery census that I obtained a few years ago. The census is for Mt. Olive Church Cemetery in Riverdale, NC. Riverdale, NC holds a special place in my heart because I know this where some of "my people" came from. My 3x great grandfather Mortimer Mitchell purchased property in this area in 1878. That same property remained in the family until it was sold in 1998. For more information about that property, check out my post Mappy Monday: Now I Know Where To Go.  Well anyway, I felt the itch to check out this census again and I am glad I did.

Now I have a better sense of who the people were who lived near my ancestors. These were neighbors and fellow church members. They were there to help my ancestors in their time of need. They laughed with them and they cried with them. The names on this list just mean more now. Knowing their stories will help me further flesh out the lives of my ancestors.

I've been able to figure out where a few more of the names fit in on my family tree. I hope perhaps a descendant or two might find me and have a treasure trove of information regarding the Riverdale Community. Wouldn't that be nice :)?  

I've also been trying to balance my time better by spending more time with the living, specifically my family. Kids are only young once. I want make sure I am a "present" when I am in their company. It's too easy to let distractions take you away. When I lose my focus, I remind myself to be still and just listen. Be there. Look at them. Love them. Just drink them all in.  I am aware of the blessing that it is that they are ever thirsty for my attention and the attention of their Papa.  

We spent some time at one of my favorite places on Sunday. I attended Binghamton University in the early 90's and loved hanging out in the nature preserve there. It's just one of those special quiet places where I can quickly get my thoughts in order and just chill.
I am happy that my kids love it there too.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the family and of the outdoors. I love walks in a state park this time of year. Enjoy, time does bring about change.

  2. Here I've been trying to find more time to blog and less time for play, but I must not forget that this "present" will oneday be somebody's past and will they find us I want them to say, "wow! I remember all the fun we had that day!"

  3. Gorgeous display of favorite season!


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