The Book Of Me: Prompt 28 --Parents

If you are not familiar with this wonderful project that was created by Julie Goucher of the Angler's Rest blog, please refer to this link:

This week's prompt is - Parents

Names / Nick Names
Where were they from?
Where were they born? - 
Were they migrants? Born somewhere else from where they were living
How did they meet?
Anything you want to share about your parents

Mom and Dad
Picture taken during the mid 1960's

My parents don't have any special nicknames. They both grew up in different boroughs of New York City. Dad spent the first portion of his childhood in the Bronx and then moved to Hollis, Queens when he was a teenager. Mom started off living in Brooklyn and then moving to Springfield Gardens, Queens. They met while attending Hofstra College (now University) on Long Island. 

I am going to keep this post brief because I must catch up to these blog prompts.  LOL :)

On to prompt 29!


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