Finding Comfort In The Earth

Yesterday, I started the day off not really feeling like my best self and then I heard the news that we all know now that Dr. Maya Angelou had passed away. I read it online and kind of put it aside because I had housework to do and an appointment to quickly get ready for. I was already anxious and then I had this added sadness that I had to quickly push aside so I could go about getting my day going. I didn't feel right. I went to my appointment, felt the anxiety had subsided but there was that sadness I had pushed aside. Somehow after visiting with a friend, I found myself looking at flowers and vegetables over at my local Lowe's store. I felt the need to plant, to return something to the earth so I picked several vegetable plants and a tray of of marigolds (marigolds to keep the critters away.)

When my kids got off the school bus, they became my assistants and quickly we weeded out the garden, tilled the soil and got to planting. When my hands touched the cool moist earth something relaxed in me. At last I could feel some of the sadness subside. Working the earth became my therapy. I started to breathe easier and let in the joy of the moment. I saw this wonderful time spent with my kids. By nurturing these little plants, I was nurturing my kids. They were learning a life lesson. Always return to the earth. Always grow. Always rise. 

And so Maya you rise and are now among the ancestors. Rest in peace Mother, Sister, Friend, and Teacher.


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