Thomas Harris's Ambition Takes Him To Larchmont, NY --Part two

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If you missed part one, here's the link:  Thomas Harris's Ambition Takes Him To Larchmont, NY --Part one

As a recap, I left off with Thomas Harris, my 2nd great grand uncle, trying to get elected for the position of receiver of taxes for the village of Larchmont, NY. He knew it was going to be an uphill battle for him to win. I like how he summarized his feelings about this from one of the article's I featured yesterday on this blog.

They can't prevent my nomination unless they dig up the dead ones in the cemetery. I don't need the votes of the rich people. The boys that are with me are good enough for me. As for my personal ability, they all know me around here. I am as straight as a die. There is nothing shady about me. Larchmont is a swell place and I like all the people around here, and because I have lived here for a score of years I think I am entitled to hold a political office."
Segment is from an article in 
The Wilmington Morning Star, Feb 28, 1903, Page 2

So what were the results of the election?  Here's the short version.

The Wilmington Messenger, 5 March 1903, Page 6

And the long version.

The Port Chester Journal, March 12, 1903

This would not be the last time you would read about my 2nd great grand uncle in the paper. More tomorrow. :)


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