Not So Wordless Wednesday On Thursday: Point Of Pines, Massachussetts Postcards

I like to envision what the places my ancestors lived and worked in looked like. Postcards from those places help with this a great deal. I have to say I regularly scan ebay for bits and pieces that help to tell my ancestral stories. After I wrote my post on my 2nd great grand uncle, Lemuel T Harris, I took to ebay to see what I could find on a place called Point of Pines, MA. This is where he was employed as a waiter in 1890.

I went back to the newspaper article that I featured in my post about Lemuel to this specific sentance.

Lemuel Harris, companion of Seales on the night in question, said he worked at the Point of Pines, but has a room at 50 Melrose St.

So what did I find on ebay that came yesterday in the mail? That would be two postcards I purchased. Another is on the way, but these were the first to arrive.


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