More Pictures of Lemuel and Mary--My Grandparents

Lemuel Harrison on left, not sure of the next two. Center I believe is my Uncle Nat who is married to my grandmother's sister, Rosa (not pictured). Next it looks like my grand uncle Ray, (my grandmother's brother) and then last on the right my grandmother Mary.  After my grandparents lived in Brooklyn, they moved to a place in Ozone Park.

This picture of my grandfather was taken in front of my grandmother's childhood home at 1400 Fisher St in Morehead City, NC.

Grandma Mary and my mom in front of Fisher St house.

Here's one that shows Lemuel with my mom as a baby.

Mom and Grandpa again.
Grandpa and unknown family friend. He certainly knew always how to dress.
 This last picture may have shown a bit of foreshadowing on what was to become of the relationship between my grandparents. There's an element of chaos going on with my uncle crying...the kid dashing into the shot at the last minute...and there seems to be some stiffness between my grandparents.  They eventually split up, but both went on to marry other people afterwards. Sad the relationship didn't work out, but happy because when they each remarried, their new relationships provided for additions to the family.


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