Rev. Thomas Duke Harrison--Part two.

I love using google maps to get a sense of what a neighborhood may have looked like back in the day.  On my last post I left off with the Rev. Thomas Duke Harrison and their arrival to New Bern. The family home is still standing at 1510 Lincoln St.

1510 Lincoln St, New Bern
July 2011

When I pulled up the overhead view of the address for the first time I found something very interesting.
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Thomas Duke Harrison's home is noted on the left of the image and then on the right I have a notation for the location of where St James AME Church once stood. Thomas was the pastor of this church according to the 1907-1908 Hill's Directory for the City of New Bern.  The address was later updated to 1016 Williams St when the numbering system changed in the 1930's. The thing I found the most interesting about this image was if you look at the intersection nearest to the church, the next crossover street is Harrison St. Hmmm. Coincidence?


  1. I'll bet it's not a coincidence!

    I learned that a mountain in my ancestor's town was named after them - Waller Mountain. I feel like a celebrity :-)


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