Okay folks, Had to take a break for some rest and relaxation.

Ahhh, Just returned from Cape Cod. Had a beautiful week of rest and relaxation with the family and was reminded again of my purpose of being here on this planet.


  1. What beautiful Children! I can not wait to go to Cape Cod...I also look forward to visiting Martha's Vineyard in the near future. Relaxation is something we must do more often.

  2. Beautiful kids! Wish I were at the beach!!

  3. Their smiles tell me they were having a great vacation.

  4. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. Yes, the kids and Mommy and Daddy had a wonderful break. I have to say, it is so nice to be beyond the diaper phase. Love babies, but when they are so young, Moms don't really get a break. Now they are old enough to entertain themselves and know not to eat sand. LOL


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