Amanuensis Monday: Samuel Whitney's Estate Record

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What a welcome surprise to come across an estate record for the man I believe was my 4th great grandfather. Samuel Whitney, born about 1775, I had written about in prior posts. Here are the links to provide some background.

This Samuel Whitney can be found on the 1830 and 1840 censuses for New Bern, NC. After which he seemed to have disappeared from the records. Well, until the other week that is. I have been finding a lot of records on-line for Carteret and Craven Counties in North Carolina on the website. One of those finds was the estate record for Samuel Whitney. The file is thirty-three pages long so I will only highlight certain portions. Here is an inventory of his property.

Inventory of Property belonging to the estate of Sam Whitney consisting of the following articles,

1 Set of Blacksmith Tools
1 Whelr? Saw
3 Ploughs 1 Pot 1 Kettle
1 oven 1 pr Pot Hooks
1 Tub 1 Tray
2 pr Andirons 1 pr Tongs
2 Bird Cages
1 Wood Saw 1 Copper Measure
4 Hand Saws
4 Jugs 1 Asc? 2 Jars
4 Tables 1 Basket
1 pr of Stilards
1 Spinning Wheel
1 Lot Bottles 1 Reap Hooks
6 Chairs 1 Boat-stead
2 netts 2 Candle Sticks
2 Hoes 1 Rake
2 Empty Barrels
3 Sash?
1 Horse

C. B. Dibble Admint

(Words that I was unsure of are followed by a question mark.)

From information included in Sam Whitney's estate record , I know now that he died probably late in the year 1846. An initial inventory was done of his assets in the spring of 1847. So if he was born on or around 1775 he lived on until his early seventies.  That's a long life considering the time frame in history.

Looks like I will have to finish highlighting his estate record on another day.  I have some unexpected babysitting to take care of. 
Happy researching everyone!


  1. The Estate Records can take time to transcribe. I have a few to do myself! Great and glad you found the info.

    1. Hi Yvette. You're not kidding about transcribing. There is section of Sam Whitney's estate file that is going to take me forever to figure out do to the old script.

  2. The first item questioned is a Whip Saw. See:

    The second item questioned, "1 Asc" is 1 Ax. The letter "x" in those days looked like a backwards "c" connected to a forwards "c".

    The last item questioned has me puzzled. If I could view an enlargement of the document and inspect the first letter compared to others in the record. I do not believe it is a capital "S" as I had at first. It does look similar to the first letter in the word preceding "Stilards," which is a scale for weighing food. Also: stilyard. If is states "1 Pr of Stilards," then is might read "Pish"...but more likely, "fish."


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