Okay, Couldn't Sleep...So What Do I Do? Reminisce.

How quickly we forget how tiny these little children are when they first come to us. Tonight, I tried to go to sleep a little early. It wasn't happening. Anyway, I decided to pull out a photo album which had pictures of my son in it from the ages of 2-4 years of age. Where did all the time go. Poof. Gone. Now he's 7. S-E-V-E-N! How does this happen so fast. My husband and I were commenting about him after he went to bed, how we can already see him at 22. He's a seven year old mini-man now. My first born. Funny, when I say that right now, my mind flashes to a scene from the series Six Feet Under, on HBO, where the matriarch from the series holds a toast to her son, her first born who recently died. Wow. First born children break the mold of the old person you were before you had kids and simultaneously set the stakes in the new form for the person you become after kids. We all love our kids first born and so on. Just that first one changes you so deeply. They hold a special place. If my daughter reads this at some point before she has kids of her own and takes this the wrong way....well, I apologize in advance. She'll get it eventually when she becomes a mother herself. Anyway, I am rambling. There were 3 pictures that stood out for me especially in this album I have been looking at and so I thought I should include them in this post. 

Noah and his Daddy at the SUNY Binghamton Nature Preserve

I love these men!


  1. Each child has a special part of the heart, the first one gets there first and is there the longest. Just wait until you have that first grandchild, another little miracle of the heart. They do grow up quickly, enjoy each stage.

    1. Thanks Linda for the advice. I am trying to enjoy each stage as much as possible. It's just goes so quickly. Now don't rush me into being a grandma yet. LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. what a wonderful rapport your son has with his dad. that is such a special and powerful thing.

    we often tell our son, our first born, that he came to teach us. we learned so much about parenting from parenting him.

    1. Thanks Angela for your comment. I am lucky that I found a good life partner and a wonderful dad for my children. I love the rapport they have with each other too. You are so right about children teaching us so much. I just keep trying to soak it all in because it goes by so fast.


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