I Just Mailed My Spit! LOL

Ha! I am really starting to believe I am a bit of a weirdo. Most moms I know get excited over things like getting their nails done or a pedicure. Not me. I get excited over spit. Well to be more specific, I just mailed out my sample for my AncestryDNA test. 

Here's what the kit looked like.

Okay, I have to be silly for the moment. I am old school and I know this doesn't really matter but I appreciate the fact that this thing came in a box. All the money we spend on these test kits and yes I do realize that part of that money goes into packaging. I simply like to feel like I am purchasing something. I still have problems these days with how we purchase music. The good ole days you bought an album and you were buying something. Now we buy data and download it. There's no packaging, no nothing. I don't like it. I like something tangible. Just saying.

No swabs for this test. You spit into a vial for this one. The directions were very easy to follow. My test results should be available in 6-8 weeks. Let's see what I find out.


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