Not So Wordless Wednesday: Oh You're The Babysitter, Right?

This post I wish to use as a teaching moment for anyone who makes assumptions when they see a woman with a baby and they try to guess the relationship. Don't guess. If you don't know, simply comment on how cute the baby is. Now that I am a few years out from this picture and people in my community know me and my daughter they don't make this mistake anymore. They know us. People of color are familiar that in African American homes that there can be quite a variance in the shades of complexions of family members. For folks who are not familiar with this, please don't assume someone is the help. I am just saying.


  1. "Don't guess." Great advice!!! I have never seen the above photo - and gosh I love your energy in this picture. xoxo ps. Been reading African history and I have some info you may be interested in - check your email.

  2. I and my sibs are Irish/German. My brother married a woman who is Polish/Mexican. One daughter looks like my sister in law and the other looks like my brother. People thought she was sitting her own daughter too.

    1. People make this mistake quite a bit. I think LindaRe put it beautifully. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. That's a beautiful photo. I can tell by mama's smile that she is in love with baby. A woman I met was busy talking about her 21 year old son and on her lap was a baby I assumed was her grandchild. Big mistake, the baby was her child. You are right. Few words, compliment the baby and if you are around long, the relationship will be revealed.

  4. great advice! people can say such ignorant things and be completely unaware.

  5. Andrea,
    I found your picture on google and wanted to ask your permission to use in on my wordpress blog, with full credit and a link to your blog, of course. I've already typed out a full explanation and lost it twice (grrrrr...) due to google not letting me use my wordpress ID and my computer battery dying w/out warning... the best way to reach me is probably my facebook email address, as I haven't checked my "real" email in months: I should "warn" you: I'm white, my daughter is white (at least as far as we know ;) ) but my daughter's son, due in May probably won't be, based on his father's complexion.
    I hope you consider my request seriously and would like to hear from you. Your story would be a great complement to the one I'm writing and I *love* your pic. :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment and for asking permission to use the picture. I would rather that you did not use it for your story. I do wish you the best of luck with writing your piece.




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