My First Blogiversary!

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I woke up this morning and unplugged my phone and checked my calendar like I usually do and there was this lovely pop-up reminder that came on the screen to remind me of my blogiversary. I knew with all the hustle and bustle with young children this time of year, that I would forget the date so about a month ago I plugged it into my phone to remind me. One year of blogging! Wow, where did all the time go? All I can say is that it has been quite the adventure. Through my blog I've connected with family that I didn't even know existed and made many new on-line friends.  I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to check out my posts this past year.  Thank you to all who have reached out and provided me help with research or have inspired me with their own genealogy stories. Okay, I know this is turning into an Academy Awards speech, but I can't help myself. I am very proud of what I have started here. 

So where do I go from here? I keep digging up stories. I keep posting them and sharing them with anyone who will listen. That's how this all started and that is how it will continue. Will this evolve into a book? Perhaps. Folks, I am a newbie, so I am still feeling this thing out... Ya know what I'm saying? So if you have enjoyed my journey, please continue to travel along with me through my discoveries. I always like company when I travel. 

Thanks again.


P.S. If you are new to my blog...well, there's no better way to get started than at the beginning. Here's the link Okay...Here We Go! LOL.


  1. Congratulations. May the family stories, insights, continue for many more years.

  2. Happy, Happy blogiversay! I've enjoyed your blog. May this year be even better blogging and connecting than last year was!

    1. Oh thank you so much Kristin! That means a lot to me. Your blog is a constant inspiration for me.

  3. Congratulations to you. I sometimes wonder if someone is reading. Then all I have to do is check the statistics.

    I also have met cousins and uncovered stories, good and tragic.

    1. Thanks Claudia. Yes I too have uncovered some wonderful stories and then some truly sad or tragic ones as well. It's a reminder to me that this is just life...good and bad just go hand in hand together. There's always a lesson to be learned though. And yes someone is for one :)


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