Friday Funny: Bryant Siblings Having Some Fun

Ray Bryant, Mary Bryant Horton (my grandmother), Annie Marie Bryant Barnes seated on couch. 
Eloise Bryant Grigsby seated on the floor. My Uncle Nat is kneeling on the right. 
(He's the husband to Rosa Bryant Sanders who isn't in the picture.)

The caption for this picture should read, "Come here you. I am going to cut that hair!"  

I love this picture because it shows clearly how the Bryant siblings enjoyed each others company. I am not certain what year this was. I thing it may have been 1995 or 1996. I spoke with my Mom this week about what was the story behind this photo. She said that out of all 8 siblings, Uncle Ray liked to clown around the most. He always had people laughing.

Wait a minute, I thought there were only 7 Bryant Siblings. Who was Annie Marie Bryant Barnes? Tune in tomorrow folks for the answer.


  1. Yes, I can see that Uncle Ray has the scissors out and ready! Watch out!

    So whose hair were they about to cut??

    1. He was kidding around. I think he saw the scissors sitting on the sewing table near him and decided to goof around. That was my Aunt Eloise who he was pretending to cut her hair.


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