Mappy Monday: YooHoo, Elizabeth Jones Where Are You?

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If you missed my prior posts that mention Elizabeth Jones, my 2nd great grand aunt, here are the links:

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After figuring out that Elizabeth Jones was alive and living in Philadelphia as of 1943, I decided to see if I could locate her on the census.  Good news! I did.

Source Information: 1930 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002. Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Fifteenth Census of the United States, 1930. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1930. T626, 2,667 rolls.

I found an Elizabeth Jones on the 1930 census living at 2124 Fitzwater Street who I believe was my ancestor. She was listed as  single and owner of her own home. Three roomers resided with her, two of which were an Alexander and Daisy Jones. I bet you anything that they were related to Elizabeth in some way. I will get back to you on this one after I do some more research. Her age was listed as 50 years old which would have been off by almost 20 years but ages listed on the census were often just approximations.

Source 1940 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.
Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Sixteenth Census of the United States, 1940. Washington, D.C.: National Archives
 and Records Administration, 1940. T627, 4,643 rolls.

In 1940 Elizabeth was still living at the 2124 Fitzwater St address. She had three different roomers this time and her age was recorded as being 68.

Here's what 2124 Fitzwater St, Philadelphia looks like today courtesy of Google Maps.

Here's the street view.

Images courtesy of Google Maps

It looks like the building was torn down some time ago. It's nice to see a garden there instead of just an empty lot.

So how do I know that this was my Elizabeth Jones?  

                                   To be continued...


  1. I like the way that you show us Google Maps and also the street view. I'm amazed that you found her! Isn't it funny how much census ages are different from actual ages? (Elizabeth, for example, seems to have "aged" 18 years in just 10 years!)

    If only we could see the census figures for just 10 or 20 years forward . . .

    I was trying to see the jobs of the three Joneses at this address, but couldn't quite make out the handwriting.

    1. I am amazed I found her too Mariann! It is funny how census ages can be all over the place. Guess it keeps us on our toes, right? For the occupations I think it reads for Elizabeth --maid (day's work) Alexander --labour (A&P storage) and for Daisy --none


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