The Book Of Me: Prompt 61 -- How Do You Measure Success?

The Book Of Me:  Prompt 61 --How Do You Measure Success?   How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

If you are not familiar with this wonderful project that was created by Julie Goucher of the Angler's Rest blog, please refer to this link:

This week's prompt is - How do you measure success?

Can success be measured?
Medals or Trophies
Money or reward
Personal Knowledge
How others view you?

I think success can be measured but I think each person measures success differently. My concern in this life is how I define success. 

If I set forth goals and am able to achieve them while maintaining my integrity, I consider that a success.

Status is directly linked to the ego. I am now much less concerned with things that are considered status symbols. I am more concerned with how something makes me feel nowadays versus how something looks.  Well, that's not entirely true. I do like nice clothes but the reasons are not because how I think others will perceive me but rather how it boosts my spirit. If I think I look nice then I feel better about myself and therefore, I feel more confident. 

In regards to money, success to me means that my family and I are content and we have the things we need to live a good quality of life. I don't have to have the biggest house or most expensive car. I just like to have the ability to get from point a to point b and have enough space to live in so that my husband, kids and I aren't barking at each other constantly. 

In this life, I want to keep learning as much as I can and for as long as I can. I love learning new things and different ways of thinking.

The Book Of Me:  Prompt 61 --How Do You Measure Success? How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

Finally, if success were a destination, then I would say I have already arrived. These folks pictured here are how I gauge my success in life. I look to there faces and check in to see that they are happy, healthy, and growing bright in spirit and mind. This is where I find my joy. Oh yeah, I forgot I'm leaving someone out.


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