My Harris Family Line --Part two

If you missed Part one here's the link My Harris Family Line --Part one.

So the Freedmen's Bank record for Bristow Harris, left me a lot to chew on.  I wanted to be sure that this record I was reviewing was for my Bristow Harris. I went back to the search I did on with the criteria being Bristow Harris and New Bern, NC. The next thing I looked at when I pulled the information from this search was another census record for 1880. This one was for a Bristin Harris who resided in the 5th ward of Wilmington, NC. This Bristin or shall I say Bristow is approximately 50 years old.  Look at the names of children listed with him, Lucinda, Bristin, Billy (William), and Tom (Thomas). Those are the names listed on the Freedman's Bank entry. I think to myself these are connected.

1880 census for Bristin Harris listed in the 5th ward of Wilmington, NC

So back I go to and I look at another record that I pulled up when I did this search.  This record is from Massachussetts Deaths 1841--1915.  This is the death record for Lucinda Harris.

Sept 18, 1900
Lucinda Harris  F (Female)
                         B (Black)
Age: 33 yrs, 7 months, 3 days
Disease or cause of death:  Endocarditis-Valv. Insufficiency shock of cesarean section operation
Place of residence: Cambridge
Place of death and burial: Boston
Occupation: Milliner
Place of birth: Newberne, NC
Name of parent:  Briston Harris
Place of birth of parent: Newberne, NC

Have to take a break to get kids to bed. Don't worry, more to come soon.


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