Wordless Wednesday: My Grandma And Me In Her Kitchen

My grandmother, Ethel Murrell, and I in her kitchen. If that kitchen could talk, it would be talking about homemade this and homemade that. So many beautiful memories I have up in there, watching her make one incredible gastronomical feat after another. Fresh rolls, lemon chicken, homemade cornbread stuffing, collard greens, lemon pound cake, oooh I could go on and on and on. Above her food, I miss her kindness of spirit. She loved her kids and her grandchildren with everything that she was. I think this picture is from about 1987 or 1988.


  1. This is a lovely picture, I know you treasure it.

  2. What Debi said! Your grandma was too cute....of course, so were you.

  3. If a woman wears an apron like that, I know she can cook.

  4. Boy! Your Grandma sure looks like she's ready to cook. I can almost taste her delicious concoctions from your description! A treasure of a photo. ...and thanks so much for visiting my blog.


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