Something About Me Saturday: Striking The Balance Between Living People And Dead People

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Living a good life is about maintaining balance, right? Well I forgot to prepare myself this year for when the kids got out of school. The volume level in the house has gone up 10,000 percent it seems. No more quiet mornings to sip on coffee while doing house work and perhaps cranking out a new blog post. Nope. That's not happening. I have to be fully awake when I get up so I can be ready to answer questions like "Why do caterpillars have so many legs? Or where do lemurs live?" No really, my son asks questions like this, right out the gate when he wakes up. Meanwhile, all I can think of  is "Must...Find...Coffee." Anyway, it's been five days as of today and I'm slowly adjusting. What does this mean? Well, I may be posting here less often than during the school year. I say it may change because I am not sure how things will work out yet. I enjoy writing about my dead people but this is the time to spend with my living ones. Summer is a magical time and it so important to drink in these special moments with my kids. My babes are growing up. Sniff sniff. 

My husband and I are making a point of doing little day trips to different state parks near where we live. We just got back from one last night. We went to Ithaca for a couple of days and visited Robert H. Treman and Taughannock Falls State Parks. What fun! Do I have pictures of the parks? Ha! No. I forgot to bring my phone with me when we were there. I do have a series of funny face photos of my kids though. These were taken in the hotel before we headed out for the day. 

Too bad my kids don't have a sense of humor. :)


  1. Awwwwwww!!!!! They are so cute. MUTANTS!!!!!!! :-)

  2. You're not kidding (ha, pun intended!)! Mine are older - teen boys - but it's still the same issue. Working vs them being somewhat kept busy vs me having a little time to find the dead people. Enjoy your summer!


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