Amanuensis Monday: The Whitney/Harrison Bible--Part three

 Almost forgot it was Amanuensis Monday. Whoops, my bad. LOL. Today was mad busy for me. You know the usual stay at home mom stuff. Clean house, grocery shop, get kids off to school and back again, run errands, host playdate....yadayadayada.  Anyway here is the last  portion from the Whitney/Harrison family bible.

From pages 22-30 there are no hand written notes of family births/deaths etc.
Picking up with page 31.

Page 31

Robert (Bobby) Eugene Harrison
Born: July 28, 1939
Place: Good Sheppard Hospital
(West Street)
City: New Bern  State: North Carolina

One sent Forth--prophet ---Apostle--not of this world (Adopted in God's Family before Time began) was no ordinary child Like Jesus Christ and Moses, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob Etc.---

Page 32:  No handwritten notes.

Page 33

March 24  1895

I Sam Whitney & Sarah J Whitney his wife do & did agree to liece a part of their lot to Julia Lock to build her house on for five dollars a year as long as we can agree and if any dissatisfaction  he can remove said property by showing receipts for payment in full from time to time 

Samuel H Whitney                                  }
Sarah J Whitney                                     }    

( I have to pause and say that it was so totally awesome to see my 2nd great grandfather, Samuel Whitney's handwriting. I recognized it from his signature that he provided on in his brother's Civil War Pension file. And yes I was born in the 70's and grew up in the 80's unfortunately.."So totally awesome" is part of my vernacular." Forgive me. Back to the bible.)

Anyway Pages 34 and 35 have no hand written information. We pick up with Page 36

Page 36

Bristor. F. Whitney the son of Samuel H Whitney & Sarah Whitney was born June the 20th, 1884
Samuel David was born November the 3rd 1885. 

Johnny Edward was born May the 16th, 1887____________
Johny E. Whitney was born the 27th of Sept 1888 

That's pretty much it from the family bible. When I was handling the bible during scanning, behind the last page out popped my great grandfather's social security card in a manner that it was like him saying to me....wait there's one more thing.  I won't ever forget that.  Still waiting on my DNA results. I will keep you posted.


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