My Reaction To Finding Out My DNA Results And What Does This Mean?

So there's my genetic make-up, 70% African and 30% European. I do want to add something here that I left out from yesterday's post. In the supplemental information that African Ancestry sent with the test results, there is a section describing test accuracy. Here it is.

Now the thing that stood out for me the most after receiving my DNA results is this. That 70% African. Instantly, like a light switch, my focus in my head said, why am I focusing on the minority portion of my DNA so much. Not that it isn't is. It's part of me. Now it turns out, it doesn't look like I have Native American ancestry.There is one thing to consider perhaps there are not enough DNA samples from Native Americans to rule this out, especially since there are number of Eastern Carolina tribes that no longer exist. The one thing that I go back to then for myself is okay, let's say they missed something...what would that be 2--10%? For me the test just handed me what Oprah calls a "light bulb" moment. Shouldn't I focus on what is the majority of me? So you know what this means. That's right more testing LOL! I have to now know what tribe, what area...yadayadayada. Time to save up some money :) 

I am about to get a little silly now. On a lighter note, for all those ignorant people out there from my childhood who told me "Oh you think your white!" because I didn't talk a certain way or act a certain way or because I maintained good grades in school. 

Hmmm, well I know I am white ......(wait for it) but only 30%. Hahahahaha.

Have a good day everybody!


  1. You are too funny!!! Love your sense of humor and again, thank you for sharing your results and your feelings. I look forward to the next test results.

  2. Please share the next stage when the results are in.

  3. Most of the African Americans in Craven County claiming Native American ancestry...probably 4, 5 or generations ago... Think about how many times the gene is split in that amount of time. We're talking 12.5% / 6.25% / 3.13% Native American ancestry. In order to claim or prove ancestry for Native American, you would have to find the tribe, and verify with the Tribal Historian. This is MUCH more difficult if it is not one of the 6 civilized tribes...and especially if it is NOT Cherokee (which I'm about 99.9% positive that is it not). I have discovered that it is very difficult for people to even gain trust by Native Americans concerning heritage.

    Personally, I believe that even our small percentages which cannot be traced should be proudly embraced...this is the melting pot. I don't find it particularly interesting that I am of European descent. I guess for me that would just be a DUH moment. ;-) But for me, finding out what makes me different is more interesting than the obvious. There are few Welsh, English and Jewish traditions and distinctions left in my family...and THAT's what I want to rediscover.

    For everyone it's different. Happy hunting! :-)

  4. Happy hunting Debra and you bring up a good point that with ever generation the percentage is going to dwindle down. Hey I still embrace the oral traditions passed down to me and will pass them down to my kids. I just found it interesting that genetically it's not there. Good point that it doesn't necessarily negate the stories passed down.

  5. Andrea,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. There was one comment that made me sad, however.
    On a lighter note, for all those ignorant people out there from my childhood who told me "Oh you think your white!" because I didn't talk a certain way or act a certain way or because I maintained good grades in school.

    I spent my entire teaching career teaching predominately African-American students. I had MANY African-American students who suffered from comments like this. I hated hearing it and I hated the effects. In 30 years, however, I never came up with a solution. After all, I am white -- so the more support I tried to give to some of my students, the more likely they were to suffer from it behind the scenes. I wish I knew the solution to this one.


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