Pictures From The Day My Brother Graduated From St. Pascal's Catholic School

I wasn't sure what I was going to post when I sat down to write today, so I looked at the pictures I have saved on my hard drive and these stuck out. They were taken inside of St. Pascal's Baylon Church in Hollis, NY. My brother and I attended school across the street. These pictures were taken on the day he graduated from the 8th grade. I guess I am feeling sentimental for those who have passed on.

From left to right.
Me, my mom, my paternal grandparents Ethel and Harold Murrell, my maternal grandmother Mary Horton who's standing and my aunt Janice Murrell.

Harold Murrell, Janice Murrell, Mary Horton and my cousin Audrey Harrison
Everyone in this photo has passed away since it was taken.

Janice and my dad.


  1. Love the photos - thanks so much for sharing. Your family is so beautiful and charming.

  2. Thanks Mr. Pedersen :) Stay safe over there in Liberia okay.

  3. Family is so important, we miss them when they are gone. Love your smile.

  4. What wonderful pictures! Good thing you kept still long enough to be in the photo's too! These are true treasures!!

    You are beautiful!!!

  5. You look so much like your mother in this photo!


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