Tombstone Tuesday: More of the Bryants Buried At Bayview Cemetery

Grave of Henry Bryant
located to the left of his wife Caroline Ellison Bryant.
Headstone missing.

Last Tombstone Tuesday I featured the grave of my 3rd great grandmother Caroline Ellison Bryant and after doing so I thought well that's not right, I should have included her husband's grave. Unfortunately, his stone is missing but his grave is covered with a cement slab. Henry Bryant, my 3rd great grandfather was born around 1830 in Beaufort County, NC. He died before 1900.

Here's my 3rd great grandmother's grave again.
She was born in Beaufort County, NC as well.

It appears that Henry Bryant son's tombstone shared the same fate as his father's. Henry B Bryant's grave is located in the same area of his father and mother. 

Henry B Bryant grave is on the right in this picture.
Henry B Bryant --March 5, 1876--August 4, 1937
2nd great grand uncle

Henretta Bell Bryant 
December 25, 1877--June 19, 1925
2nd great grand aunt

All these graves are located in Bayview Cemetery in Morehead City, NC.


  1. I have come across the same fate when visiting the gravesites of ancestors. I even touched one and it tipped over. It was small and it still took all the strength I had to sit it upright. The metal stakes bend, and after time still don't remain secure after so many years.

    Makes me wonder what they did with the headstones that fall? I know sometimes they go under.


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