Amanuensis Monday: Civil War Pension File of Irvin Ellison --Part four

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If you missed the first three parts to this series, here are the links:

Now you may ask, why did I include the picture I have featured above in this post. The reason is this. Try to imagine your ancestor poorly clothed and hungry, fighting in a war during conditions like this. Crazy, right?! I can't imagine how unrelentingly cold that must have felt.

At the end of Part three, I transcribed a section of Irvin Ellison's pension file that described his disabilities that he sustained while he served. Specifically, it made mention of him having "at some time past suffered from severe cold" which resulted in him getting frostbite on his feet. Also, he had rheumatism. This was all documented by a Dr. S. P. Nicholson on April 8th, 1891.

Irvin Ellison received his pension and was receiving it at rate of $8 per month until something changed in 1893.

Surgeon's Certificate

In case of

Irvin Ellison
Co. H, 36th Reg't U.S.C. Inf.  
Applicant for Increase
No. 597504

Date of Examination
Jan. 4th, 1893.
J. H. Baker
Post office, Tarboro
County, Edgecombe
State, N Carolina

P. S. --Write your Post-office address plainly and in full.

Increase Pension Claim No. 597504
Irvin Ellison, Rank, Private
Company H, 36th Reg't U.S.C. Inf  Tarboro, N.C. State, 
Washington, N.C. Jan. 4th, 1893.

     I hereby certify that in compliance with the requirements of the law I have carefully examined this applicant, who states that he is suffering from the following disability, incurred in the service, viz: ______________________________________________________
and that he receives a pension of eight dollars per month. 
     He makes the following statement upon which he bases his claim for increase in consequence of rheumatism of the left shoulder         
     Upon examination I find the following objective conditions:  Pulse rate, 76; respiration, 18; temperature, normal; height, 5 feet 5 inches; weight, 150 pounds; age 55 years. 
     There is no swelling enlargement or stiffness of joints.  He complains of pain in right knee & left shoulder. Possibly neuralgia of left cheek.  Sound of heart normal.                                  
No indications of frost bite.  No evidence of Rheumatism.                      
Except as above no evidence of disease found to exist.                    
Rate of disability too small to pension.                                              
     He is in my opinion, entitled to no pension rating for disability caused by frost bitten feet nothing for that caused by Rheumatism nil and nil for that caused by myalgia                                                

                                                                       J. H. Baker

N. B. --Always forward a certificate of examination whether a disability is found to exist or not.

You know I was shaking my head when I read this. Oh yeah right, miraculously his condition got better.

More tomorrow!


  1. Yes, the picture is very appropriate. It helps us appreciate what our ancestors went through.

    Regards, Grant


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