Wonderful Team Member Readership Award!

I received a wonderful surprise today when I was looking at some of my favorite blogs and found out that I was nominated for The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. I am sending a huge thank you out to all my readers and to Shelley at My Genealogical Journey: Danish West Indies Family History for nominating me for this award. 

To me, as a blogger...the sharing is where it is at. There are so many great stories out there waiting to be heard and I am so thankful that I am now part of this electronic ocean we call the internet. My stories are taken out by the tide and are read by so many people around the world. When the tide comes in, I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn of all the stories that you my fellow bloggers have shared. Thank you for taking the time to listen and to share your wonderful comments of encouragement.

So now, it is my turn to nominate. I could go on for days and nominate a ton of folks but for the purpose of this award today I am limiting it to 5.

Yvette at The Root Digger:  

Kristin at Finding Eliza

Debra at In Black and White: Cross Cultural Genealogy

LindaRe at Between the Gate Posts

Debi at Who Knew?


(i) Don’t forget to thank the nominator and link back to their site as well;
(ii) Display the award logo on your blog;
(iii) Nominate no more than fourteen readers of your blog you appreciate and
leave a comment on their blogs to let them know about the award;
(iv) Finish this sentence: “A great reader is…”

My definition of a great reader is: Someone who follows your story, who provides words of encouragement when necessary and sometimes tips to help you out with your research or story along the  way. 


  1. Andrea, thank you for the award! I truly appreciate you giving it to me. I have added a link and your blog and a thank you to a post I did yesterday about the awards. Thank you again! I will not be able to fulfill all the requirements and I hope that is alright with you.

    1. Kristin that is fine! I so appreciate your continued support.

  2. Thank you Andrea, I appreciate your kindness. You "keep on keeping on" and I will remain a faithful reader.

    1. Your welcome Linda. I will "keep on keeping on" then. ;)

  3. Tag...you're it! You've received a second nomination for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award! You have commented on my blog posts more than ANY other reader, and I really appreciate your support! You can find the post here: http://ibawcross-culturalgenealogy.blogspot.com/2013/01/nominated-twice-for-wonderful-team.html

    1. Thanks Debra! You got me :) I left a comment on your blog. Again, thanks for following me on this amazing genealogy journey. Here's to a great 2013!

  4. Thank you Andrea for the Award. I also awarded you the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award!!! You along with Debra are my great supporters. Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks Yvette! You are an inspiration kind lady. :)


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