Those Places Thursday: My Mind Is In Greene County, NC

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.
Map of Greene County, North Carolina, United States with township and municipal boundaries.
Source:  taken from US Census website and modified by User:Ruhrfisch

Like I said in my post What's Ahead In 2013?, I am really excited about learning all I can about Greene County, NC. Just to catch anyone up who may have missed some of my prior posts, let me summarize how I am connected to this area.

My 3rd great grandmother Caroline Ellison, was the daughter of Benjamin and Rosa Ellison. Caroline married her husband Henry Bryant and eventually resided with her children Sidney, Henry, John, Rose and Jonas, my 2nd great grandmother, in Morehead City, NC. On my post Amanuensis Monday: A Letter From Benjamin Ellison, I featured a letter that my 4th great grandfather, Benjamin Ellison, had writtten to the Secretary of the War Department. He was inquiring about the existence of a slave pension. In this letter he made mention of who owned him prior to the Civil War, a William John Ellison of Washington, NC. Benjamin went on to marry two more times after Rosa's passing, first to Nellie and then later to Matilda. I believe he spent the rest of his life in the area of Greene County called Snow Hill.

So you know what I have been doing, right? G-O-O-G-L-E! I Googled Greene County and came across a handy link.

The link is called Greene County, Genealogy Project and the coordinator for this page is Diane Siniard. There is a listing of resources as well as a search window on the page. Quickly, I found a listing of cemeteries in the county. What a gold mine! A census was done on many of the cemeteries listed and pictures are featured as well. St Stephen's Free Will Baptist Cemetery and St James AME Zion Church Cemetery were of special interest to me. Here, I came across pictures of the graves of Ellisons, Harpers, and Britts linked to my family tree. Woohoo!

I am still reviewing things on this site as we speak, so I'll let you know if I come across anymore finds.


  1. Gotta LOVE Google! Love the image of the county map above! Quick reference pics like those help me all the time!

  2. I clicked your pin from pinterest and came to this page. I loved the way the pin tied into you post. I'm on pinterest as well and have some pins there for my blog.


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