Sunday's Obituary: My Great Grandmother --Carrie Ethel Whitney Harrison

John and Carrie Harrison --my maternal great grandparents 
Carrie Ethel Whitney Harrison (October 11, 1897--August 1, 1939)

"Among The Colored" By Rev C. L. Stevens
New Bern Tribune
Saturday August 5, 1939

Mrs Carrie Harrison, wife of Sonny Harrison, died at Good Shepherd hospital Tuesday around 4 pm.  Funeral was held from St Peters A. M. E. Z. church Friday at 2pm. Rev. E. T. Melver, officiating.  She leaves to mourn their lost her husband, 10 sons and 3 daughters and a host of relatives and friends.

Mrs. Carrie Whitney died after a short illness. She is survived by her husband, John Harrison, several children, two brothers, and other relatives and friends.

(Portions of this post were originally published here on this blog on August 21, 2011)


  1. What a great picture. He looks so satisfied and focused and she looks so happy to be with him. She left quite a family. I hope they were grown when she died.

    1. I love this picture too Kristin. Unfortunately my great grandma Carrie died from complications that arose after a c-section delivery of her last child. The baby and 5 other children ranging in ages from 6 to 16 were still at home. My great grandfather's sister helped to raise the baby. My heart breaks when I think about this. All those children without their mom. She was only 41, so that hits home because I just turned 40. So young.

    2. Oh, that's sad. I'm glad your great grandfather's sister was able to step in and help.

  2. I agree, this is a great photo. I came across it on the Geneabloggers pinterest page and had to read more. I'm sad to read that she had a sad ending. It especially hits home since I've had two c-sections myself.

    1. I can relate to you and her on that one too. I've had two c-sections myself. A surgery that is so common place now, we take for granted that complications can occur. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Andrea,

    Thanks for sharing! This picture looks lovely!!! Interesting story! I enjoyed to read it today! Happy Sunday!!! :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing! I can so relate to this story. Loved the pictures. I hope the children faired well after their lost?

  5. Beautiful photo! I just love the way she has her finger to her face - makes her look sassy!


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