Something About Me Saturday: My Kindergarten Class Picture

When I look back on my life, I group the events that have taken place in three categories.

A) My years living in Cambria Heights, Queens, NY.
B) My years living on Long Island (specifically, Lake Ronkonkoma)
C) And then my Upstate New York years.

This picture is from category A.

This is a photo of my Kindergarten Class, taken in 1978. I attended St Pascal's Baylon Catholic School in St Albans, NY, until I entered the fifth grade. That's when my family moved to Long Island.  My mother was very happy that both of her children had Mrs. Carroll as their first teacher. I loved her. She was an incredibly sweet lady who knew just how to talk to children. I remember some years after she left teaching that she sold encyclopedias door-to-door. I found it so odd seeing her sitting in my living room one day chatting and catching up with my mother. My little mind just couldn't wrap itself around the concept that she was doing something other than teaching. My mother purchased a set of World Book encyclopedias from her, that were well used even through my high school years. 

I am standing in the absolute middle of the picture. Where on earth did I get that jumpsuit from? :)


  1. Somebody made it for you, didn't they?

    1. Perhaps someone did make it for me Kristin. You know I hadn't thought about that. I will have to ask my mom.

  2. I recognized you right away from the post with pictures of you and your daughter, each at 4. I agree with you that it's so important for children to have nice teachers early in school. And it's lucky for the world that some people know how to talk to children. Because many, many people don't, probably because they've shut down the child side of themselves. The first teacher a child has is really the most important!


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