Something About Me Saturday: When We Were Young

Tom and I --September 1995

     Now don't get me wrong, I know that I am not that old so maybe excuse the title just a bit.  It's just interesting to look at this picture now. It was taken on the back deck of the apartment my then boyfriend, now husband was living at. We were celebrating his 40th birthday. Now, I am the age he was in this picture. It's interesting to be in these shoes now. I realize how much of a baby I was then and I still wonder what on earth was he thinking, picking up this fresh out college girl. This leads me to the story of how we met. 
     My first job out of school was selling advertising for a local radio station.  I was very excited to get the job. I even had my own business cards. (In my mind, having business cards of my own, meant I was grown. Ha!) Anyway one day I walked into a certain shop and guess who I tried to sell air time to?  You guessed it. Tom. He listened intently to my sales pitch and then politely declined. He walked me out of his shop and that's when he said, "You know your station really isn't for me but....Are you seeing anyone?"  
    I had been seeing someone but things had pretty much run their course with that relationship. I ended it and within a couple of weeks, Tom and I went on our first date.


  1. Terrific picture. You both look full of hope.

    I believe you have described love at first sight. What a transforming memory to keep in your mind!

  2. That is a nice photo. Time just keeps on passing.

    1. Thanks Kristin. You have been a busy bee on your blog. I have so many of your posts to catch up on. Hopefully will get some time tonight after kids get to bed.

  3. AAAWWWHHHH, the beginnings of LOve. That was on your faces. Fascinating!


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