Oh Wow! I Forgot How Much I Love This Album

Oh Wow! I Forgot How Much I Love This Album  --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

Okay, this is a case of how the right thing found me at the right time this morning. I was reminiscing using Youtube. I found some of the songs that I used to listen to when I was in my twenties and was jamming out doing housework and such. Then I came across Dion Farris's song,"I Know." I forgot how much I loved the album, Wild Seed, Wild Flower. Not all the songs are on Youtube, but this particular one I am about to share was. I haven't heard this in a good 10--15 years. The CD is packed up in my house, somewhere. I am going to make a mental note and go through my old music this week. Anyway, I digress, here's one of the songs I'll be singing along with as I fold laundry. Hope everyone has an awesome day! I was going to wait to share this as a Something About Me Saturday post, but I think the song may brighten the mood of someone who needs it today.

Find Your Way from the album Wild Seed --Wild Flower

Never knowing in the dark, in the light
When the world will change
Eliminating all the fear, all the sadness
In the falling rain
Touch my heart, touch my soul
Lead me into the light of the day
Time slips ever fast, instantly becoming the past

You've gotta find your way before it's too late

Endless sky, yours and mine
For to see all our dreams to come
With all you see, focus your energies on what is to be done
Live your life, love yourself
Know that everything has just begun
Time slips ever fast, instantly becoming past


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