The Book Of Me: Prompt 70 --What Have You Learned About Yourself?

The Book Of Me:  Prompt 70 --What Have You Learned About Yourself? --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey, Reflections

This week's prompt is - What have you learned about yourself and your family?

Think back to the question we asked in Week One - Who am I?
Before you look back at the answers you wrote then, answer the question again.
Now compare are there any similarites, it is the same, or have any of the answers changed?
What has made the change?

Now lets look at the wider and original question - What have you learned about yourself and your family?
Is there anything you still want to write and explore?

I have learned that to be a writer, you have to keep writing. Writing has to become part of a regular routine. Some of your writing may come out mediocre, while some may come out extraordinary but the key is to keep writing. This prompt series was a wonderful exercise for me. It pushed me to keep up with a writing routine. No excuses. I am very glad I stuck with it. 

I really appreciated the feedback given by other folks who were also participating in The Book Of Me series.  Your comments and/or the gesture of a liking one of my posts did not go unnoticed. Thanks to all who read my posts even if you didn't leave a comment. I hope you enjoyed something I wrote along the way.

Thank you to Julie Goucher for hosting this project. You are an amazing lady! Thank you for pushing us to look within ourselves and to share our stories.  

So with that being said, I am going to do the Who Am I? exercise again. Here goes.

Who Am I?

I am...

a woman who is stronger and more focused
a mother
a wife
a lover of life
a daughter
an optimist
someone who enjoys a good laugh
and one who believes that hugs are often the best medicine.
someone who continues to look toward the light even through times of darkness.
a dreamer
a writer
a friend
wiser than I was 15 months ago
someone who knows they still have a lot to learn
I am grateful
I am me
I am imperfect
I am a lover of beauty in all shapes and forms
I am happy
I am open

You can see my original responses to this exercise from week one here.


  1. Beautiful. And congratulations on finishing the whole 70 prompt exercise! Looking forward to reading more on part II

    1. Thanks so much Kristin. I am happy I stuck with it but it was tough at times. I am going to take a week off before I take on the new series :)


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