The Book Of Me: Prompt 69 --What Is Your Most Treasured Possession?

The Book Of Me:  Prompt 69 --What Is Your Most Treasure Possession? --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

This week's prompt is - What is your most treasured possession?

This could be something that you have bought from an inheritance
A gift from a family member
An item that you have been left by a friend or family member
How do you plan to secure it's survival with future generations?

Now this prompt really had me thinking. I've narrowed it down to three possesions. I just couldn't get it down to one. 

1) My wedding ring
2) A statue of hands that I inherited from my grandmother.
3) Picture of my maternal great grandmother, Ophelia Bryant Jones

My wedding ring is relatively new to me but it is not a new ring. My original ring I lost, sadly last year. My husband and I had matching rings of a modern design in gold and diamonds. My husband still has his and wears it and I still feel some sadness from losing it's match. Sometimes, things happen for a reason though. In the last couple of years we've really worked hard to reconnect in our relationship and perhaps the loss of the ring could be symbolic of a letting go of the old. I am particularly partial to deco jewelry nowadays. My wonderful husband surprised me with the absolute most perfect replacement ring this past Fall. It's a vintage art deco design in platinum that I just love. It represents "the us" that we are now and that we are more committed to each other than ever. My wish is to pass this ring on to my daughter someday. 
The statue of hands was something I inherited from my maternal grandmother, Mary Horton. I've written about them before here on this blog. Check out my post, Sentimental Sunday: These Artifacts Are My Time Machines., and you can see what they look like. I think those should go to my son. 

The picture of my great grandmother, Ophelia Jones Bryant, I have shared many times. I have it saved on different computers and backed up to external hard drives. I have a copy of it in a beautiful silver frame in my living room and my mother has a copy of it as well at her house. Other family members also, have a copy of this lovely picture. It's the inspiration for what I do and I will be eternally grateful to Ophelia for having that portrait taken. 


  1. I love your ring story -- it's really painful to lose something like that, but it sounds as if your husband knew how to make the loss less painful!

    1. He really did Elise. He's a great guy. I am truly lucky. Thanks for stopping by.


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