Fearless Females: March 2nd --Post A Photo Of One Of Your Female Ancestors --Ophelia Jones Bryant

Lisa Alzo of the blog The Accidental Genealogist is back for the fifth year in a row with her list of 31 blogging prompts to celebrate the "fearless females" in our family trees in honor of Women's History Month. If you are not familiar with Lisa's blog or her prompts be sure to click on the link.

I participated last year in some of the prompts. I am going to try again this year.  In her own words from her blog, Lisa Alzo says "you can choose to do some of them, or all of them--there's no pressure--it's meant to be a fun exercise to focus on the women and make sure their stories are told! What's nice about participation is that there is no pressure."

Ophelia Jones Bryant
(November 20, 1894--February 20, 1939)
My great grandmother

March 2 — Post a photo of one of your female ancestors. Who is in the photo? When was it taken? Why did you select this photo?

Plain and simple without this photo, I would not have begun this genealogy journey of mine. My great grandmother Ophelia's photograph struck a chord in me somewhere long ago. There's just something about that gaze that gets me every time I look at it.  It's as if she's saying to me, "Do you see me? Do you really see me? I see you."

This photograph was taken when my grandmother Mary (the baby in her lap) was about six months old. That would make the year it was taken 1923.


  1. A very beautiful picture! You are right, is something about the gaze that is intriguing!


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