Friday Funny: Okay I Am An Idiot Because I Should Have Realized This Sooner

Friday Funny:  Okay I Am An Idiot Because I Should Have Realized This Sooner  --How Did I Get Here? My Amazing Genealogy Journey

Okay, I am an idiot because I should have realized this sooner. What's this you may ask? The this I am talking about is that I am old enough to have a grown-ass child! Why didn't I realize this sooner?

I actually had this realization about a month ago when I was shopping at the grocery store. While I was waiting on line to pay, my ears couldn't help but pick up on the conversation taking place in front of me. A very nice older woman (well...older than I) was talking with the cashier.  The cashier looked to me to be about college-aged and as the two were chatting away about the day's events it soon came out that in fact, she was 19. She's adorable, petite, brown hair with big innocent eyes talking about how she'll speak to anyone. She was just brought up that way. Young or old it didn't matter. She found people interesting and liked to know what was on their minds. Well anyway, this sweet cashier continued talking and I am looking at her and that's when it hits me. She's 19. I am 41. I say to myself "OMG, I am old enough to be her mother." When the heck did that all happen?!

I used to be her. Young. Innocent. The world and my life all in front of me. I thought there was all this time before I would be in my forties. It was way off in the distance, like some island you can only catch a glimpse of while it sits in the mist on the ocean.

But now I am me. The lady hanging out, waiting to pay for groceries so she can feed her hungry family at home. I am the one making the lunches and kissing the heads of children as they get on the school bus in the morning. I am the woman who now has extra junk in her trunk but knows how to camouflage those extra pounds that have creeped up on her over the years.

Why now, was I realizing this? I had my first child at 32. Was it because I was later than most but earlier than some arriving to the world of motherhood? I don't know. I guess it was just meant to be that moment. 

I had a great time sharing with the cashier and the lady in front of me this revelation of mine. The older lady being checked out laughed and kind of looked at me like I was a little nut-zo. My cashier lady however smiled and laughed and we had a grand old time about it. I couldn't help but pass on the the cliched wisdom of "Enjoy every moment, because it goes by way too fast."  

Now my cashier friend and I usually see other at least once a week and she has kindly adopted me.  If she sees me on her line she doesn't miss a beat and says "Hi Mom. How's it going today?"  This usually brings about a few curious stares. We laugh and carry on a bit until she's done checking out the groceries. She makes it a point to throw in a "Take care, mom," as I head on out the door.

Anyway, I'm not having any crisis about my age. I am totally cool with being 41. But I am sure a lot of you out there can probably relate to this. There's those moments in your life when you say wait a minute, how did I get to be this age? Feel free to share your moments in the comments. 

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  1. Wait until you are almost 60 and you realize the 19 year old could be your granddaughter. I am often the oldest person in the room and wonder when did that happen. The old folks is me. Young women ask my advice on babies, gardening, cooking. how to handle a career and home, etc. Why are they asking me?

    1. Hi Linda, It's funny you should say this. My husband said something similar. He's 58. Sometimes when he is out with just our daughter, some folks have commented on how cute his granddaughter is. He takes it in stride though. I will have to catch up to my cashier friend when I am approaching 60 and see how life's been for her. :)

  2. My first thought when I read your post was "hey, I could be Andrea's mother". Like Linda, I am ridiculously close to 60 and my oldest daughter is getting very close to 40. It hit me after my mother passed away last year (my dad died in 2005) that now I'm the oldest generation. And then I learn about my grandparents as young children/adults and realize how fast a lifetime zips by us.

    1. Hi Debi, thanks for your comment. :) Life just goes by way too fast doesn't it.

  3. Welcome to my universe Sis. :-)


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