The Book Of Me: Prompt 23 --Memory Board

If you are not familiar with this wonderful project that was created by Julie Goucher of the Angler's Rest blog, please refer to this link:
Prompt 23: Memory Board

This week’s prompt is Memory Board

How do you see the point of a memory board?
Why keep one?
Do you keep one? Or will you?
This could be a cork board in your office, kitchen or regular space? If you do what do you keep on it?

How do you see the point of a memory board? Why keep one?

I think of a memory board being your own personal time machine. It allows you to go back in time and commune with your ancestors. It's a place to go to for inspiration and for strength. It's a place of love, of hope and of course memories.

Do you keep one? Or will you? If you do what do you keep on it?

I don't have an actual board but I do have special places in my house where I get to visit with my ancestors. In my living room along the top of one my tables I have lots of photographs in matching silver frames arranged so I get to see their faces everyday. In the hallway leading into the house I have some old postcards and pictures of ancestral places hanging on the wall.  This prompt got me thinking about creating a series of memory boards online.

Here's my first one. What do you think?  I like it! I think I am going to print this out and hang it up somewhere in the house. This particular board channels my Morehead City connections. All those pictured, have ties to my Bryant and Jones family lines.

(Left to right -- Top row:  My 2x great grandma Rosa Mitchell Jones, hands figurine from my maternal grandmother's house, picture of my mother and I taken in 1990, my aunt Eloise Bryant Grigsby, my grandma Mary Bryant Horton, just under my grandmother my aunt Loris Bryant Gwyn, and my aunt Rosa Bryant Sanders. Middle row:  My grandma Mary and me, my great grandma Ophelia Jones Bryant with my grandmother Mary in her lap, my great grandfather Frank Bryant, and Mary, Rosa, and Eloise pictured together. Bottom row:  Frank Bryant again, picture of all 7 Bryant siblings Rosa, Ray, Loris, Lynwood, Mary, Frank, and Eloise, picture of 5 Bryant siblings Eloise, Loris, Ray, Mary, and Rosa, and another picture of my grandma Mary.)


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