1400 Fisher St. Morehead City

1400 Fisher St.

So here's the family in 1930 all living on Fisher St. You know when I look at the picture of their house I think to myself, why is it today that we are all aspiring to buy all these huge McMansion houses? Does a family really need all that space?

Frank worked as a chauffeur and according to my mom, Ophelia taught school and took care of the family. They were members of St Stephen's AMEZ church, where my great grandmother was the organist. Unfortunately, my great grandmother lost a battle with cancer in 1939 and died at the age of 44. The kids were forced to grow up quickly. My grandmother was 16, aunt Rosa, 13, and aunt Eloise 11 respectively. Their older sister Loris who was already married arranged for Rosa and Eloise to attend the Laurinburg boarding school 90 miles south of Raleigh. Laurinburg, established in 1904, is the nation's oldest remaining African-American boarding school. Can you imagine losing your mom and then having to move to a new school and town far from home?

St Stephen's AMEZ Church (original building)

Must get kids ready for bed. I am not too far behind. They have strep and I think I'm next :(


  1. My cousin Rev. Franklin Kesler Bird, born 1856 in New Bern, was an early minister for St. Stephen AMEZ. Great photo of original building. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathleen thanks for sharing. So your cousin was probably preaching to my family at some point. That's amazing!

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