The Man Upstairs

Do you ever feel like your searches are steered by "The Man Upstairs". My bad, it should be "Man or Woman Upstairs" but anyway, you know who I am referring to. During the last 6 months, there have been far too many coincidences that I have come across or signs that have popped up while I have been doing research.

This is something I wrote about two months ago as part of my genealogy journal, that I've been keeping. My journal just describes how these events, details, bits and pieces of information that I find, have had an impact on my life. Well anyway, here's goes....

While Researching Mortimer Mitchell and Family.....

All I can say is, Oprah is so right. Whatever you call God or believe God is, he sends you signs constantly to help you on your way. I think the beginning of my journey happened when I saw the image of my great grandmother Ophelia in my grandmother's house. Once that happened, the seed was planted to research and find out who were these people who came before me. I just didn't know that the seed wouldn't take root until I started really searching two years ago.

It didn't take long to get to Mortimer, since I had a lot of good information provided by my mother and my late grandmother. Ophelia to Rosa to death certificate led to the next and then the next. However, for a year I was led to follow through on other branches of my family tree.  The shift started in January of 2011 to dive get more information on my main line. To flesh out these names I started to hold oh so dear. I started to look at Google Maps to look at where Riverdale, NC was in comparison to New Bern.  I went over old directories and reviewed Mortimer's name next to his son Alfred, listed as farmers in the 1880 Chas. and Emerson Business Directory for New Bern.  I was just drawn here. I didn't know why.  I started to look at East and West Fisher Rd on the map and I recalled that my great great grandmother Rosa's sister, Mary, married a David Sampson who was affiliated with some Fisher brothers from the area. Kind of figured out that David Sampson was probably their half-brother growing up alongside the other Fisher boys in the family store.  Then my cousin and godmother Melba who is also, descended from this line, became increasingly sick with cancer brought my attention back to Morehead City. My cousin Melba passed away on March 22, 2011 from throat cancer. The following week, for some reason I check the Find A Grave web-site.  I hadn't been on it in awhile, so I say what the heck.  It was late---after 11 pm, almost ready for bed and Bam! There they are the graves of Frank and Ophelia Bryant...their huge monument as plain as day in front of me. Whoah, right. I can't believe it. I send the researcher a huge thank you for posting the picture.

I just wanted to send you a personal thank you for posting the picture of Frank and Ophelia Bryant's grave.  I hadn't been on Find A Grave for awhile and what a wonderful surprise to find today.  Thank you so much.  Are you a relation?  Thanks again.

The following morning Tuesday, March 29th, 11:49 am

Thank you I am not related but spend half the year here.  It is a very pleasant cemetery and I have spent some time this Winter taking pictures and adding memorials that had not been added yet.

Mojo 8

Wednesday goes by--still so thankful to have a picture of Frank and Ophelia's grave.

Thursday night--drawn back to Find A Grave. Bam! I first lay eyes on Caroline Bryant's grave(Frank Bryant's grandmother) ...then I look further there's Cesar Jones and Mary Jones (Alexander Jones's parents) and there are others. I am beside myself. I tell my husband. He can't believe it.

I write again to Mojo 8

Okay, you are starting to freak me out here. But something in the cosmic universe sent you to photograph my peoples' graves for me.  Caroline Bryant that you added on 3/31 was one of my 3rd great grandmothers.  I know you said you were taking pictures this past Winter and you just uploaded them.  Do you recall if this grave was close to the Jones graves.  I am in shock right now.  Also, do you recall if you may have come across an unmarked grave on the Bryant plot.  I contacted the cemetery sometime ago and they did not have a record for a Rosa Jones--that was Ophelia's mother but they said it was probable that she was buried in the area where her daughter lies.  Wow, again so many thanks. 

 It's too much...just too much to take in at once.  Each image I try to take in and I try to comprehend what has just happened.  I look at the date for when Ophelia and Frank's grave was uploaded to Find A Grave.  March 21, 2011, the day before Melba passed away.

A sign? Yes.  Am I listening Lord? Yes. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Pay attention folks when he sends you a sign.


  1. When that sort of thing happens I thank the Ancestors because it seems that some time they just send me information. I love when that happens!

  2. I love when that happens too. Thanks for stopping by my post.


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