My Grandma's Sisters

As a kid, I noticed something magical always took place when my grandma's sisters and her were in the same room. They each had unique personalities as all people do but the thing that really sticks out in my mind most is that there usually was laughter in the room when they were around.

Here's a picture I came across earlier this year that I call "Hey girl, let me tell you something."

                                From left to right-- Loris, Mary (my grandma), Rosa,
and Eloise

I think this was at my Aunt Rosa's house in Queens, but I have to double check with my Mom. I just get the impression that my Aunt Loris is about to tell something funny to out top the last story that was just shared in the room.

Loris Melba Bryant Gwynn Helton (January 2, 1918--December 14, 1987)


Eloise Bryant Grigsby (July 5, 1927--May 9, 1999)

Grandma, my brother, cousin Bryan, and Aunt Rosa

 Rosa Bryant Sanders

 This last picture is what I so remember about my childhood. Whenever there was a family get together....the sisters would always drift together.


  1. What wonderful photo's. They really do look happy, and not just smiling for the camera.

  2. They do. It's nice they were close enough to get together often.

  3. Great photos. It sounds like they were good friends, as well as sisters.

  4. Wow Andrea you brought back memories and tears to me. Thanks for this journal! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

    1. Thanks! It has been my pleasure researching and sharing this information. We come from a great family. Hope all is well. :)

  5. These photos made me smile. Thank you for sharing the photos and your memories.

    1. Thank you Mr. Pedersen ;) You be careful at home young man. Miss you. Sending hugs to you and Vamsi.


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