The Kindness of Strangers

I have to say earlier this year I had an absolutely amazing experience when a stranger to me did something wonderful and miraculous. This stranger happened to be from a town not far from where I am in upstate NY but happened to be down in Morehead City where my grandmother's people came from. She found this lovely cemetery that was quiet and easy to navigate thru and she noticed it hadn't been cataloged yet by Find A Grave. This kind stranger all of the sudden started taking pictures and stored them in her camera until it was getting close to the end of her Winter break down south and pretty soon she would be returning home. She started loading pictures to Find A Grave and then suddenly when I hadn't gone to the Find A Grave website for months I am drawn there a week after my cousin and Godmother passes away.  A beautiful cascade of pictures of the graves of my ancestors unfolds over the days that follow and I will always remember this. Call me crazy, but I think this was a sign from my cousin and the ancestors upstairs if you know what I mean. Here are the graves of some of my Jones side of the family who were laid to rest at Bayview Cemetery, Morehead City, NC.

Alexander Hamilton Jones--2nd great grandfather
(March 5, 1852--May 22, 1915)

Cesar Jones--3rd great grandfather
(1821--August 14, 1899)
Mary H Mitchel Jones--3rd great grandmother
(January 21, 1823--February 22, 1900)

Louis Oliver Jones--2nd great grand uncle--Alexander's brother
(January 14, 1838--December 28, 1925)
Esther Lincoln Jones --wife of 2nd great grand uncle.
(December 4, 1851--October 4, 1917)
Violet Jones Devaughn--2nd great grand aunt--sister to Alexander and Louis Oliver
(October 21, 1844--December 2, 1880)

I am so thankful to have these pictures. The only record I had of Cesar, Mary, and Violet was the 1880 census. Since all three died before the 1900 census I was left in limbo to wonder what happened to them. Now I know.


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