Rosa and Alexander Jones and the son I didn't know about.

Rosa Mitchell Jones, lived at 1404 Fisher St and her daughter, Ophelia,  lived at 1400 with her family. Rosa's husband Alexander Hamilton Jones was born in Onslow County and moved to Carteret County sometime after the Civil War with his family. He was the son of a Cesar and Mary Jones as evidenced by the 1880 census. Alexander and Rosa married sometime around 1880, unfortunately at this time I haven't come across a marriage record so this is based on the census info again.

Here's the family info:

Alexander Hamilton Jones (Mar 5, 1852--May 22, 1915) and Rosa Mitchell Jones (July 17, 1860--Oct 3, 1931)

They had 3 daughters who survived to adulthood. Lovie, Mary, and Ophelia---my great grandmother.

On this journey and through the kindness of a genealogist who was vacationing in Morehead City, this past Winter, I found out they also had a son.

Cesar M Jones (Dec 6 1885--June 3, 1898)

I love finding discoveries but when you find evidence of a child that didn't make it to adulthood, it's bittersweet. I am glad to have found this information but I have so much sympathy for my ancestors and for what it must have been like to lose a child. I can't imagine.  I am reminded that we take so much for granted these days. It wasn't too long ago that it was common to lose several children due to illness, poverty, or whatever. Just another reminder to not take your family for granted and thank the good Lord everyday for the time we have here on Earth.


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