Where on earth is Morehead City?

I remember as a child my grandmother speaking of going down to visit Morehead City. I had no idea where that was until I became a teenager and learned more about the geography of North Carolina. For those of you who may read this, here is a little background on the town.

Morehead City is a town located in Carteret County in North Carolina. It is on the eastern coast of the state about 30 miles south of New Bern. The first lots of this town were put up for sale back in 1857 and the town was incorporated in 1861.  This town is special to me, not because I visited it when I was a child. That certainly isn't the case. I only visited there once about 9 years ago. The reason why it is special to me is it was able to foster the growth of a black working class in the early 1900's, to where my ancestors were able to own land very early on.

When I started researching my tree, I remember one of the first things that jumped off the census record page and slapped me upside the head, was the column showing whether my family owned or rented land. When I saw that big fat O which meant they owned land, the first thing I said to myself was "Say What?" Now that I have done more research, I have become more aware that there were many African American land owners early on. It's just sad to say that this stuff is simply not taught in school. I know not everything in history can be taught in school but this whole family history trip for me has just resonated in my soul this awareness that so much African American history is left out. Literally in school, I was taught...slavery, Civil War, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and a brief mention of Malcolm X. I am not trying to be ridiculous here but that is pretty much it. Now that I am a mother of 2, I am going to make sure they know that there is so much more to know and to never stop being curious. I want them to always search out and learn as much as possible about their history. 

Have to go clean the house now. With two young kids 6 and 3, sometimes I don't know why I bother. It only lasts for about 5 minutes. Maybe I'll take a picture this time and put it on the refrigerator so I can remember it.

Have a great day!


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