Okay...you may have guessed that my folks were not straight up from Africa.

If you have seen my profile picture and the pictures I have posted already...you already know that I have mixed ancestry. However, isn't that the case with most African Americans. We are the summation of so many different backgrounds. Black White, Native American...you name it. I am so tired of fellow African Americans trying to tear down other African Americans when they identify with other parts of their heritage, for myself that means European or Native American Ancestry. Just because you identify with the part of your heritage that comes from other places than from what you consider your cultural stronghold..doesn't belittle either. It just means you are  embracing everything that makes up you. Embrace it. I have. It just means you are getting closer to the truth. Love..don't hate. Open up and appreciate.


  1. I like reading your posts. I found you on the Geneablogger's site. I look forward to reading more of your story!


  2. I love your post! I will be one who will be listening!!! :-)

  3. I think we're all more "mutts" than we even realize and love it when people embrace that.


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