7 Children...Can you say Whoa!

Bryant siblings-from left to right: Rosa, Ray, Loris, Linwood, Mary(my grandma), Frank, and Eloise

Now I grew up in a home with one brother. That's right one older brother. Luckily I had my own room and so did he. I now have two kids of my own and know how much noise and mischief goes on in my own house. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of the home of my great-grandparents, Frank and Ophelia Bryant. 7 children....Man!.. and they lived! Okay you deserve special credit. LOL.
Seriously though, things were not easy back in the day so to raise children who went out in the world and made something of themselves. God bless.

I never met any of my grandmother's brothers. Frank, the eldest died before I was born and Linwood died a month before I turned four. Ray, perhaps I met as a young child and I don't remember...but I don't think so. I would have loved to have sat in a room with them for at least one day and picked their brains.  I would look at their facial expressions for commonality with my grandma. I would love to see all the siblings together just to see the family dynamic---you know, Live and in action. Unfortunately, I didn't get that chance but I am blessed to have this picture and I am blessed to have had the best grandma and three loving and entertaining aunts in my life.


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